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This section is optional (but highly recommended). It will contain the content for faqs. Place this section above any SNAP Design section.
This section is a "SNAP Information" section - it will contain the text that is neded for any SNAP Design Page template that will use the SNAP FAQ content.
FAQ's 100% will increase your conversions.
People always have questions and unanswered will lead to them abandoning your page and not purchasing.They usually are related to:
Is this really worth it? Can I get my money back? Can I cancel my subscription? When is the second payment?
I do not have time for this? I tried this before? This will take too long? When do I see results
I still have questions, who can help me? Can I talk to someone about this?What is the "crazy named thing" you listed really do for me?

How to use SNAP FAQ's

  • Make sure you have the required SNAP Course Overview section on the page
  • Add the SNAP FAQ section to the page and place it below the SNAP Course Overview section
  • Add a FAQ block setting for each FAQ you wish to display
  • Add a SNAP Design Page template to the page and make sure the FAQ section is enabled

SNAP FAQ's Settings


This setting will control the text that is used for the FAQ Section

Frequently asked question

Add a FAQ block for each FAQ you wish to display. You can drag and reorder the FAQ's as you wish
The SNAP Page Design will control how the FAQ's are displayed. To change the style of this section,