Video Funnel Page

Capture more leads and sales with this Video Funnel Page that initially looks like a harmless "no sales" video, but then reveals other sections after a certain amount of time on the page. Perfect for micro-learning funnels, after purchase upsells, lead generation and much more.

Example Usage: Lead Gen Video Funnel

In this funnel you would create a short educational video and then have the call to action connected to your free resource

  1. Create a short education video that shows your audience something very "micro" result orientated.

  2. In the video towards the end you will talk about how this can help them get started and how your free course or resource would help them take this knowledge even further

  3. Add the Video Funnel Section to a page and change the Section Reveal settings to adjust the timing accordingly.

  4. Update the CTA section settings with some brief info about your free course and then connect the button to the enroll link for the free course (or the course page)

  5. Optionally add more sections to the page and setup the Section Reveal settings accordingly in the individual sections

  6. Email out to your audience a link to this page and let them know about your free training. Share on social as well.

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