SNAP Design Templates 🎨

SNAP Design Sections take all of the information inside the SNAP Information Sections and then apply it to a design. Inside these sections you will see settings to change the style (color, layout) as well as if you would like to hide a particular area of the design.

Important SNAP Usage notes

  • There must be one SNAP Course Information section on the page and it must be placed above the SNAP Design sections

  • If you are using optional SNAP Information sections like SNAP FAQ's, then that section must also be placed above the SNAP Design Sections

  • Not all information in the SNAP Information sections may be used in the design. The Design may only apply certain elements depending on it's goal

  • SNAP uses the default color settings that you have chosen with your Thinkific Theme Settings. In some cases there may be some "conflict" with colors in the design. If you see missing content or hard to see content, then adjust the Theme settings or set a custom color setting in this section. The setting will indicate what color setting is being used by default.

This SNAP Course Page Template main feature is a sticky sidebar that has the key information needed to convert your website visitors into paying customers.

pageSNAP Course Page (01) 🎨

This SNAP Course Page Template main feature is large embedded video that is front and center, but still has all of the important information on the side. The call to action section of the sidebar also sticks to the top, making it easy for website visitors to purchase

pageSNAP Course Page (02) 🎨

In this SNAP Design Page Template, we have placed the video in the main banner section that spans across the full width of the page. The pricing and CTA buttons have also been moved to the banner. The main content area then follows below splitting the page with the small sidebar that contains the quick attributes for the course.

pageSNAP Course Page (03) 🎨


This SNAP Design Page Template is just like the Sticky Sidebar version, except the main content is grouped into tabs. This creates less "scroll" and causes the user to interact with the page in order to see some of the content.

pageSNAP Course Page (04) 🎨

SNAP Course Page (05)

This SNAP Course Page Template is just like SNAP Course page (02) with it's extra large video section front and center, but it moves the curriculum section over to the sidebar and below the sticky CTA section.

pageSNAP Course Page (05) 🎨

More templates coming soon

We will be adding more templates on a regular basis making this PowerUp one of the most powerful superpowers we have created. All new templates are included with your purchase

Have an idea or looking for a custom page template? Post your request inside of the SuperPowerups Facebook group so we can talk and collaborate about it with the rest of our members. We are all better together!!

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