Getting Started With SNAP

Build Your Site Pages Faster & With Less Effort. Select A High Converting Design In a Snap.

STEP 1: Watch The Overview Video

The SNAP technology superpower is a game changer. Be sure to watch this video so that you learn how building your Thinkific site will never be the same. Don't skip this video.

In this video

PRO TIP: Adding a SNAP FAQ section to your page will help increase sales. People always have questions about some pretty common things and if they go unanswered, then that is a reason for them not to buy.

STEP 2: Understand the Course Information Section

The SNAP Course Information will contain all of the text, image, videos, i.e. "content" that you will need for your page. No matter what design you choose, you only have to enter the page information once

In this video:

  • Learn how to use the course information section to store the details that will be shown on your page

  • Learn how to create a "Sale" by using a secondary price option

  • Explore new Video options including how using an embedded Loom video can help your conversions

STEP 3: Add a SNAP Course Page Design

The SNAP Course Page design uses the information that you provided in the previous step without having to retype it.

In this video:

  • See how quickly it is to swap out a page design with the "snap" of your fingers

  • Learn how to tweak the colors and hide sections and content

  • 5 page designs included, more on the way

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