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Hero Spotlights

Get inspired by real members using their superpowers
  • Love how he is using colors to make the sidebar "pop" and also the "what you will learn" section
  • The course card image is spot on in communicating what the course is about
  • The video is awesome in that I am drawn into seeing exactly how he will be teaching me to learn how to play the piano. And this is much better than having to sign up for a "free lesson"
  • I can't find much more to recommend to change for this page besides maybe moving the sticky position down a bit with the setting we have for this
  • Ian Richardson, a fellow Thinkific Expert uses our PowerUps to not only to improve his site, but his clients as well
  • I really like how he is using a link in the CTA section to also try and attract group sales (he could also use the secondary CTA for this
  • Nice use of clean colors and "just enough information" on the page. Nice job on bolding the What You'll Learn bullet lists

Non English Site Using SNAP

  • Love the use of colors in the site to make the sidebar pop
  • Daniel is also using the Sale feature which will certainly help with conversions
  • Also love that Daniel choose to use a video on this page. Video helps with conversions
  • I would also add a SNAP FAQ section as well to put this page over the top!!

Using Quick Course Attributes To Generate Leads With A Free Course

  • Love the use of the sidebar here to quickly show the key "reasons to enroll"
  • Juste enough information on this SNAP Course Page Template to increase enrollments - certain sections not needed were easily disabled
  • Also using other Thinkific sections and embedded trust pilot

Great use of video

  • Great use of SNAP Course Page (02) with that large video front and center
  • Put together by Thinkfic expert Tiffany
  • Clean colors and love the sidebar list and quick attributes

Great example of lead magnet using SNAP

  • Sticky sidebar keeping key information on the side without having to scroll
  • Great example of how to generate leads with a free course
  • Love that they are using a popup video - video helps conversions for sure!!
  • Using optional SNAP FAQ section to even further help with conversions

Wow, tons of SuperPowers being used here

  • Snap Course Page Template as the main attraction
  • Like use of colors on the what you will learn section to make it stand out
  • Also using Meganav and Sections Kit for other page sections including pricing for optional membership