"The Captain" Site Page Template Collection

Included both full page templates and individual sections for those who like to build their own
There are two ways to create a site page using "The Captain" Page Template PowerUp:
1) Using the "instant" Full Page method: With this method, you will get an instantly designed page that includes everything you need to quickly create a high converting page for your Thinkific site.
2): Using the "Build Your Own" method: With this method, you use "The Captain"'s superpower page sections in any order and with any other page section you wish.

1) Using the "instant" Full Page method:

  • Navigate to a Site Page that you wish to customize
  • Remove all sections. The Full Page Method is meant to give you everything you need in one section, but of course you can decide otherwise.
  • Add one of the Full Page Template sections by searching for "Page" and then look for the bright pink images
    • "Home Page Template" : leads the way to a great home page for your site. This will especially help site owners with many courses or memberships. It includes everything you need to demonstrate your site's superpowers.
    • Student Dashboard with Autogenerated Category Tracks: This superpower will auto-arrange your students courses into category tracks and progress based tracks. You can also used the built-in announcements track to show off your latest content.
    • Video Funnel Page: Capture more leads and sales with this Video Funnel Page that initially looks like a harmless "no sales" video, but then reveals other sections after a certain amount of time on the page. Perfect for micro-learning funnels, after purchase upsells, lead generation and much more.
    • All Courses Page: This full page template will over-ride the default all courses page design that is provided by Thinkific's themes. The banner section contains a search bar and the background image will change based on the category that is being viewed. You also have more control over the course card designs as well as how many are displayed. At the bottom of the page is a category card selector that contains a list of category image cards
    • Bundle Page (Sidebar): this full page template is perfect for memberships or bundles of courses. It contains a number of key page elements all wrapped up into one Site Builder section. The call to action sidebar contain the key " at a glance" information your reader needs to make a decision to join. It will stick as the user scrolls to keep the cta easily accessible.

2) Build Your Own Method