Frequently Asked Questions

How are SNAP Course Page Templates different than SNAP Page Templates?

How do I copy SNAP sections for all of my courses?

How do I use the Preview Video feature?

  • Inside the SNAP Course Information section, be sure to open the Video settings group and enable the preview video option
  • Select the type of video you want to use
  • Inside the SNAP Design Template of your choice, you can select if you want an inline video or a popup video

How do I use multiple instructors on a SNAP page?

  • Make sure you have the required SNAP Course Overview section on the page
  • Add the SNAP Instructors section to the page and place it below the SNAP Course Overview section, but above any SNAP Design templates
  • Add an instructor block setting for each instructor you wish to display. This will replace the content of the instructor section with the list of instructors
  • Add a SNAP Design Page template to the page. Adjust design settings as necessary

How do I use the Loom Video feature?

Are you using the "secret Loom superpower" inside of SNAP Course Page Templates?
We love Loom because it has built in reactions and comments right inside the video player.This helps with conversions because people can see other reactions and it is like automatic social proof that you do not need to spend any time on. They can also comment in the video as wellHow do you use it?
Head over to and create a free account (I have a pro account that I will never cancel because this tool is in my "can't live without bucket"
Create or upload a video to Loom
In the SNAP Course Information open up the Video Settings group and paste in your Loom Embed code and make sure the preview option is enabled
Pick a SNAP Course Page Template design that focuses on video

How do I use the "Sale Feature"?

How do I use SNAP for existing courses?

The SNAP sections are going to typically replace the page sections you already have, but you may be able to use the same information that you have on it.
You can work on your page in preview mode and then click save when you are ready to publish. Or if you have a lot of pages to update and want your new "look" to go live at once, then you will want to duplicate your Site theme and work in that version first before publishing it.
  1. 1.
    Add the SNAP Course Information section to your page (make this the first section that appears in the list)
  2. 2.
    Add a SNAP Course Page section to your page (pick one of the 5 designs we have and make it the second section in the list)
  3. 3.
    Copy and paste the text you may already have in your other page sections into the SNAP Course Information section
  4. 4.
    Remove your existing Sections (as needed, - you may want to keep some of them if you want to)

Can I use SNAP with any Thinkific Theme?

Yes, this PowerUp is a Thinkific App that makes new Site Builder sections available for you to use.

Can I use SNAP on any Site Page?

Each SNAP PowerUp Pack will be built for certain pages. the SNAP Course Page Template are intended to be used just for Course Pages

What do I need to add to my page?

At a minimum you just need to add the Site Course Information section and one of the Site Design Sections to your course page.

How long will it take me to build my page?

We intentionally made this PowerUp with speed in mind. We want you spending as little time on your site so that you can spend more time with your members or creating new products to sell. After adding the two sections, you will just need to fill in the blank for the text that is used in the sections. The SNAP sections inherit the theme settings for colors and fonts and you can also turn off sections that you may not need. The nice thing about the SNAP Course Information section is that it makes you focus on the "information" that you need to communicate and put you in a position for the best chances at selling your course. Then you just need to "snao" in a design choice and you are done!! If you already have a lot of this information (ex: what you will learn, who is this course for...) then it should only take a few minutes to build a page.

How long will it take to change a page design?

In the current way you build a page, if you wanted to change the design and style of your site page, you would most likely have to re-build the entire thing. With SNAP, you load your "information" once and then you pick a design. If you decide to change the design or want to use a new one that we release, you just remove your current section and then drop in a new design section. Snap!!

Can I use this as a template for all of my courses?

Yes, Since we have separated the information from the design, you can create "template sections" that can be easily copied using the built in Thinkific Section copy functionality.

Can I use this for memberships or when a course is sold in both ways?

Yes, we have advanced controls over the call to action sections and include both primary and secondary calls to action

Can I use it for "sales"?

Yes, we have a built in "sale" capability that is enabled with the click of a mouse. A 'strikethrough' price is automatically shown and the CTA button switches to the sale link

What kind of videos are supported?

We include support for Thinkific Video Library, You Tube and also added advanced Loom support as well as any embeddable video that comes from any video platform. Most SNAP Design templates will give the option to display the video as a Popup or directly inline with the content

How many design templates are included?

We have launched with 5 high converting, mobile optimized templates that really help you make sure the right information is placed on your page to give you the best chances at selling. We intended to release new designs on a regular basis.

Do I have to pay for additional templates?

When you install a SNAP Page Template pack, you will get all new designs that have been added to that pack for no additional charge.

How does it look on mobile devices?

We have optimized the designs to not only look great on mobile, but also to be high converting. On mobile, there is a sticky call to action at the bottom of he page keeping it close to being tapped at any moment. The page design also has been optimized to load quickly on mobile devices.

What if I do not see a template I like?

We will be releasing new templates all of the time, and because we designed in so templates can be swapped out in a SNAP of your fingers, it will be easy to switch to new templates when they are ready. We also take requests for custom page templates. Share you idea/request inside our SuperPowerUps Facebook Group

How to get rid of the "flash" of old experience on the student dashboard or all courses page?

You will need to make this change any time you update the Thinkific theme in the future