SNAP Course Page Templates have been purposely built to make your live easier in building and maintaining your Thinkific Course pages.

SNAP Course Page Templates can only be used on your course pages. We will be releasing additional page template for other site pages in the future.

Types of SNAP Page Sections:

✍️ SNAP Information sections will contain all of the content "text, images, media". This will allow you to focus on the information your page needs and not worry about the design. It will also give you the ability to swap out a design that will use this same information but laid out in a different way. You will not have to re-build the page if you want to change the design.

SNAP Course Information section must exist on the page. Additional SNAP Information Sections are optional

🎨 SNAP Design Sections will use the content inside the ✍️ SNAP Information sections in a specific way. Inside these sections, you will be able to alter the behavior or change the default styles.

At least one SNAP Design section should be placed on a page and be placed after the SNAP Information Section. We will be adding new SNAP Design Sections over time. Please be sure to check the latest updates page.

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