Bundle Courses

Use this on the Bundle Page to automatically show the courses included.

This section only works on a Bundle Landing page

How to use this section

Section Settings


  • Heading - this is the main part of the text. It allow for special highlghting by wrapping words in brackets ex: [SINGLEWORD]

  • Summary - this is the text that appears below the heading

Course Cards

Columns Across (Desktop)

Choose how many course cards you wish to show across the row. This is fo Desktop only. On mobile, we will stack the courses

Use course name?

When checked it will show the course name on the course card

Use course description?

When checked it will show the course description on the course card (limited to 2 lines)

Use course price?

When checked it will show the course price on the course card

Price Type

  • Auto - will use the defaulty price for the course

  • Manual - will use the text that is set in the Price Manual setting

Text before Price

Text that is displayed before the price

Text after Price

Text that is displayed after the price

Price Manual $197

When Manual Price Type is used, this value will be displayed for all courses in the bundle

Limit # of cards?

When checked the default number of courses shown will be what is set in the Size setting below. A button will appear to allow the rest of the courses to be unhidden


The number of courses to limit, when option is checked above

Button (Unhide All)

This will be displayed below the course cards to allow the user to unhide all of them

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